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Welcome to the American Cockapoo Club

The American Cockapoo Club is dedicated to the preservation of the Cockapoo Dog,  and fosters the continuing education and expanding growth of the ACC membership.  The ACC, through it's membership invites participation in the decision making process of the club, encouraging the formation and continuation of local Cockapoo Club affiliates, and supports the set-up and execution of local dog shows and events.

The ACC is a registry, and a club.  The American Cockapoo Club is dedicated to protecting and promoting the cockapoo as a breed, encouraging and supporting its members, and to preserving and perpetuating the Cockapoo as a breed unto its own. We do this by educating both the public and breeders, and encouraging meticulous breeding standards and proof of lineage going back to the cocker and the poodle.

In our diligent efforts to make the cockapoo a recognized breed, and by not adding another breed of dog to our cockapoos, we found we can and do enter our dogs into events. The Cockapoo has been accepted by many dog registries and someday AKC. Our healthy Cockapoo Dogs deserve this right. Register your kennel and cockapoos with us now and be a part of something special.

**We will start registrations again VERY soon. And we are looking for board members ASAP if interested please contact Karla or Jennifer


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